No knowledge exists in isolation.

Design Online is a digital space for the design community to come together in the creation of new knowledge centred on design in the Asia Pacific. Since 2012, we have asked contributors to take a position on an idea that challenges us to think creatively and to take us beyond the normal realm of our own experiences.

We encourage all voices and perspectives and welcome contributions from our unique community of industry, academia and design-loving public! Go to contribute to see how you can be one of those voices.

Each week we publish stories which link to different design disciplines, reviews and videos, highlight events relating to Asia Pacific design.

Our features can be filtered by: spotlight on the Asia Pacific; local focus; sustainability and creativity ; innovative practice; and sight and sound. Design Minds is a separate section focusing on design thinking education. It is an evolving space aimed at developing the capabilities of successful, creative and innovative 21st century citizens within existing education and learning benchmarks.

The Asia Pacific Design Library comprises the following components (right):

  • Design Lounge
    Located on Level 2 of the State Library of Queensland building the design lounge hosts the design collection and provides a shared physical space for exhibitions, workshops, design reviews, meetings and research as well as casual browsing and chance encounters.
  • Design Online
    A shared online space for industry, academia and the public to access, share and create new knowledge related to design in the Asia Pacific.
  • DesignMinds
    A central online location for ‘design thinking’ education resources accessible by educators and students across Queensland and supported through Design Online and Education Queensland’s The Learning Place.
  • Design Pulse
    An inspiring program of world-class, design-related events including lecture series, workshops, exhibitions, design residencies and tours. Programs support community engagement through technology and innovation and focus on expanding opportunities for equal access to library services through online platforms.