As technology brings us more and more options for learning and collaborating in a digital world, the very concept of libraries is changing.

In the book Improbable Libraries: A Visual Journey to the World’s Most Unusual Libraries, author Alex Johnson attempts to take the reader on this journey of change through pictures.

Through libraries on the move, animal libraries, tiny libraries, big libraries, home libraries and non-libraries, Johnson shares how many libraries function as community centres, and help their members in overcoming economic, social and geographical barriers.

Other libraries, he says, provide an unexpected dose of culture for commuters, beach-goers, café customers, as well as prisoners. Some are eccentric works of art or masterpieces of modern design. However, they all aim to make books more widely accessible and enjoyable than ever.

This book includes a myriad of ideas just waiting for the taking in this weighty little tomb, which is available for loan from the Asia Pacific Design Library.

In the book, many of the libraries owe their existence to a single ‘librarian’ with an unstoppable vision. Are you that librarian or do you know of a librarian who has that vision?  What’s your vision for your library’s future? Can you share it with us?

If you aren’t first in line to borrow this book, then you can find more inspiration in the State Library catalogue and the Asia Pacific Design Library, or the author Johnson suggests you head to Pinterest for ideas.

Use the Request a loan service to have your books delivered straight to your nearest public library door.

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