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20 Tips from POD Design

Brooks Atwood

COPYRIGHT© 2013 Pat Brunet Event Photos Australia. All Rights Reserved.

New York-based designer, architect and general creative force Brooks Atwood spoke in Brisbane for Portable. Here are the top design 20 tips he uses in his own studio, POD Design.

  1. Be yourself
  2. Work as a team
  3. Attack life
  4. Fight for your ideas
  5. Never forget to be sexy
  6. Always try higher
  7. Be a light
  8. Always design like a rockstar
  9. Don’t be afraid to open new doors
  10. Be able to keep a good secret
  11. Be sharp
  12. Be radical
  13. Fail, fail and fail some more
  14. Touch the limit
  15. Don’t forget gravity
  16. Don’t be scared to start from scratch
  17. Scare yourself
  18. Take a step back
  19. Be prepared for turbulence
  20. Read–”Indecision is the killer of progress” and “we don’t apologise for our creativity”

What design tips have you gleaned over the years and how have they informed your approach to your work and your beliefs? Have you ever apologised for your creativity?

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