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What is a Design Online Article?

Asia Pacific Design Library

What is a Design Online Article?

Design Online uses the idea of an ‘article’ as the vehicle for expanding knowledge on subjects related to design in the Asia Pacific.

As a registered user of Design Online you have the ability to reflect on the articles of others (within your ‘workspace’) and author new articles of your own for consideration by the Asia Pacific Design Library for inclusion on the site.

The article format is based on a simplified model of creative propulsion, that includes the following prompts:

Starting Point: When authoring an article, you are first asked to identify the starting point for your position. Design Online recognises that no knowledge exists in isolation and that every idea, thought, or position has an origin, and often this origin exists in the ideas, thoughts and positions of others. Your starting point may be a Design Online article or an external reference such as a website or video.

Position: Your starting point is essentially somebody else’s position that you are attempting to build on. You are challenged to consciously and critically take a position that is either for, against or a synthesis of the ideas of your starting point. Your position should be stated passionately and clearly (that’s why you are only allowed 25 words!)

Description: You are then asked to expand and describe your position in more detail (up to a maximum of 400 words). We think this is long enough to explain your idea and justify your position but also short enough that you are challenged to be concise, direct and simple in your communication while allowing opportunities for others to build on your idea.

What’s Next: Finally, you are asked to challenge and provoke others to build on your position. You might frame this as a question or a series of questions based around the idea of ‘where do we go from here?’ This final step is the magical moment where the dots are joined between articles and knowledge grows!

You can chip away at your article over time if you prefer by saving a draft in your user profile. Once your article is complete you simply click submit and it is sent to Asia Pacific Design Library for consideration to be published live on the site.

Articles are assessed based on the following content significance criteria:

  • Relevance to the Asia Pacific
  • Contemporary value (is the idea connected to the present or future tense)
  • Community and broader social benefit
  • Degree of innovation and awesomeness!

If your article demonstrates strength in a balance of these areas it will be accepted for inclusion and you will form part of the expanding knowledge bank of Design Online. Alternatively, you can still export and develop the article for use in your other online worlds (blog, facebook, twitter etc.)

Register for Design Online at the top of the page to create your own profile and start your own articles.

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