Ideas, Ideas, ideas! Brisbane-based designer Troy Baverstock can never be accused of lacking imagination if his portfolio of work is any indication.

He is a problem solver and tinkerer from way back and Lego was his toy of choice as a child. Troy also holds a B.Sc. in psychology but has gradually shifted into the world of design as he completes a Design Degree at Griffith University.

Fascinated by human nature, technology and the future, he strives to create thoughtful products that awaken the imagination. His imaginative design for a 3D printed device that enhances traditional prosthetic limbs – limbU – is currently on display in the Digital Futures lab at State Library of Queensland.

limbU is among a number of products and concepts showcasing the future of wearable technology at State Library.

Listen to our four minute conversation with Troy who explains the design concept of limbU in more detail as well as telling us about his most recent design project, the BD6touch –  a minimalist wooden music player that attempts to recapture the tactile charm of vinyl records.

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