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APDL Connect Project – Call for Proposals

APDL Connect Project – Call for Proposals

Located on Level 2, of the State Library of Queensland (SLQ) building in Brisbane, Australia the Asia Pacific Design Library (APDL) seeks to promote & stimulate discussion on design in the Asia Pacific region. The APDL is currently seeking proposals from designers in the Asia Pacific region for an installation in the Design Lounge at SLQ.

The State Library of Queensland, through the Asia Pacific Design Library (APDL), aims to develop the best publicly accessible collection of design resources in the Asia Pacific, promoting contemporary thought & analysis on design in the region. Located on Level 2 of the State Library of Queensland building at South Bank, APDL seeks to promote & stimulate discussion on design in the Asia Pacific region. It maintains an annual program of exhibitions and, for the first time, is requesting proposal submissions for an installation to be placed in the Design Lounge.

The Asia Pacific Design Lounge—where this installation will be located—is the place to read the latest & greatest design publications, present design proposals, collaborate, research, meet to share & exchange ideas. It is our aim that this installation & documentation about the process of designing it will be an inspiring exemplar of design methodology that contributes to understanding of design through experiential means.


APDL Connect Project


The aim of APDL Connect Project is to foster collaboration between the APDL & the design community in the Asia Pacific region through the creation of new & innovative content within the APDL design lounge space. Furthermore, this project aims to capture documentation of a design project from concept to completion to provide the APDL audience access to a design process to act as an inspiring exemplar of design process.


Designers are asked to explore the future of one (1) of the APDL’s key collection areas of their choosing:


Design of products & services that sustain & improve quality of life


Graphic design, visual communication, editorial design, typography, digital & web-based design


History, theory, criticism, education & practice of design; the value of design in business & innovation


Styles, trends, textiles, materials & sustainability in fashion


Design disciplines associated with designing the public realm.

Within the exploration of this theme, it is important that the installation address these key components:

• must reflect the role of the selected collection area in fostering connections between the Asia Pacific region & Australia

• must include an interactive element to engage the audience


• Installation of one (1) design outcome to be installed in the design lounge on Level 2 of the State Library of Queensland for the period of one year

• Attendance at the opening event for the installation

• Preparation & facilitation of one (1) workshop to be held the day after the installation of the design outcome. Workshop content & format is to be developed in relation to the installation

• Supporting documentation demonstrating design process involved in the creation of the installation. Documentation can be in any format including video, audio, sketches, mood boards & writing (or a combination of all). However, it must provide the APDL audience with insight into the design methodology

• 1 x 400 word Design Online article

• 1 x interview for Design Online blog

• 1 x final report using a provided template


Intended outcomes for this project include:

• Increased visitation in the APDL design lounge

• Enrichment of the APDL space • Enrichment of the APDL collection

• Exposure for the APDL in the Asia Pacific region as a key design destination

• Exposure for local SLQ visitors to the highest quality design from the Asia Pacific region

• Exposure for Asia Pacific as a key design region

• Exposure & support for emerging designers within the Asia Pacific region

• Establishing the APDL as a key curator of design innovation in the Asia Pacific region


The APDL is a shared space for design industry, academia & the general public with an interest in design & it is the intention that this installation also be targeted to this audience.


In exchange for providing the above deliverables, the designer will be renumerated as follows:

• 1 x honorarium of AUD$5000, which must also cover the cost of materials used in the creation of the installation

• Up to AUD$2000 to cover the cost of installation, removal of the project & make-good in the design lounge

• Economy airfare to Brisbane, Australia for one (1) designer to attend the installation unveiling event & to host one (1) workshop

• Three (3) days accommodation in Brisbane, Australia for one (1) designer


Closing date for proposal entries 6 MAR 2015
Notification of winning proposal 13 MAR 2015
Development of proposed design 13 MAR-11 APR 2015
Complete & submit all supplied acquisition documentation 20 MARCH 2015
Submission of 1st round of design 11 APR 2015
Feedback on proposed design 18 APR 2015
Submission of final design (for approval) 2 MAY 2015
Approval Notification 9 MAY 2015
Print/Design production time 9 MAY-4 JUN 2015
Interview/blog submission 12 MAY 2015
Completed design submission (for installation) 4 JUN 2015
Documentation Submission (for cataloguing) 4 JUN 2015
Installation of finalised design TBC JUN
Opening event TBC JUN
Lecture/Workshop TBC JUN
Closing report due 13 JULY 2015
Removal of work 22 MAY 2016
Design lounge make good 23 MAY-30 MAY 2016


• A clear outline of your project concept & rationale (one page max)

• A description of how your intended project relates to target audience & how they will engage with the project (150 words max)

• Statement of how you intend to record your design process (150 words max)

• Brief overview of the accompanying workshop topic & format(400 words max)

• An overview of the team & your design practice(400 words max)


• A budget outline stating how you intend to distribute the funds across the project

• A project program demonstrating understanding of how the deliverables will be achieved within the timeline

• Visual materials are strongly encouraged (3-6 72dpi images max)

• Maximum 2-page CV including two (2) references

Please refer to the APDL Installation Guidelines document for further information before submitting your proposal.

*Applications must include all of the above information. Applications without the relevant materials will be asked to supply additional information or be considered ineligible.


If you have any questions not covered in either this document or the Proposal Guidelines document, please get in touch with us via email at


Applications can be submitted using the following forms or as a Microsoft Word or PDF document, providing they successfully provide all requested information. The closing date for proposals is close of business 6 March 2015. Any submissions received after this time will not be considered.

POST: Attn: Natalie Wright
Asia Pacific Design Library Manager
State Library of Queensland
Box 3488
South Brisbane 4101


To apply, please complete the Application Forms & provide all supporting documentation as outlined in the Installation Design Brief document. Applications must be submitted by the relevant due date in order to be considered.


Applicants must:

• be a designer based in the Asia Pacific region & show how the project demonstrates links
between Australia & the Asia Pacific

• demonstrate how their proposed projects relates to one of our five key collection areas:
Public Places, Fashion, Better Living, Design Thinking or Communication

• demonstrate capability to fulfill all documentation requirements

• demonstrate ability to complete proposed project in timeline & budget as outlined in
project proposal.

Applications will be deemed ineligible if:

• they are late (not received by COB 9 March 2015)

• they are incomplete

• Do not satisfy the requirements set out in the Installation Design Brief

• are defamatory, misleading or deceptive, or breach laws relating to racial vilification & privacy

• may disrupt the business of APDL or impede its clients or staff

• have conservation requirements beyond APDL’s capacity

• create security or safety issues for APDL clients or staff

For additional information about this program, please email


Step 1: The APDL team checks applications to ensure its eligibility

Step 2: The APDL team assembles an assessment panel who will assess the application against criteria & rank the applications

Step 3: The APDL Manager will make the final decision, approve the successful application & notify all applicants of the assessment outcome


Proposals are assessed by APDL staff against the following selection criteria:


o high cultural standard of outcome

o cultural innovation

o contribution to development of understanding of relationship between Asia Pacific & Australia

o contribution to demonstrating the value of design

o personnel with demonstrated expertise & experience to deliver objectives


o high demand or broad public interest in project outcome

o ability to communicate to & market to target audience

o accessibility of outcome for APDL target audience

o concept that is interesting & engaging for APDL target audience


o cultural, social or economic outcomes

o capacity to increase visitorship to APDL design lounge

o has capacity to increase international engagement with APDL target audience


o good planning & achievable outcomes

o effective use of resources & appropriate budget

o personnel with appropriate delivery skills

o enterprising & innovative approaches


o demonstrates clear understanding & engagement of theme

o relates to one of APDL’s five key collection areas

o relevant to the Asia Pacific region & Australia

o encourages interactivity on the part of viewers/APDL visitors


On approval of your application, the APDL manager will inform successful applicants of the approval of their project in writing by 13 March 2015.



• Documentation of design process to be displayed in the design lounge & included in the APDL collection. The format is to be determined by the designer and must be indicated in the application

• Images to be used in APDL marketing 30 days prior to exhibition

• Delivery of installation and process documentation prior to the agreed opening date

• Successful applicants must sign and return all relevant documentation by due date outline in Installation Design Brief

• As part of the APDL ongoing collection strategy, all designers will be asked to recommend their favourite ten design books to add to the collection

• 1 x Design Online article and 1 x blog article about a topic relevant to the installation

• All items and ephemera to go through SLQ quarantine

• Installation must be available for the entire installation timeframe, with working documentation to be kept by APDL

• Setup and dismantling of artworks

• PR duties to promote the installation

• Design and delivery of  1 x workshop

• Make good to return the space to the state it was in prior to exhibition


The designer is responsible for the display and removal of works. The designer is also responsible for any additional costs and expenses, outside the scope of this brief. Such expenses may include but are not limited to:

• Commission or hire of display equipment

• Hire of lighting equipment

• Hire of removal services



• Honorarium of AUD$5000 to be paid as 80% up front and 20% on completion of the project

• Up to an additional AUD$2000 for installation

• Economy flights and accommodation for one (1) individual to Brisbane, Australia to attend the unveiling of the installation and host a workshop in conjunction with the unveiling

• Successful applicant will be notified in writing

• Distribution of e-invite for opening event and workshop to APDL database of 2 200* people

• Marketing on Design Online that has 29 100* visitors annually

• Marketing through the APDL newsletter, APDL social media, SLQ social media and SLQ news

• Access to space that has 62 300* visitors annually

• Electricity, security and on-site costs

• Insurance and public liability

• All valuable materials to be secured in the glass cabinets, for security purposes if required**

• Periodic staffing for the duration of the exhibition**

*All statistics quoted here are averaged from previous years and are to be taken as an estimate only.

** Unfortunately, The APDL cannot always staffed.



• The installation of works is to be completed by the designer the day prior to installation opening

• If required, APDL may vary the installation to ensure accordance with security requirements, accessibility and OH&S

• Designer may not erect, tamper or modify the structure of building or fixtures. All damage to APDL space must be rectified at the designer’s expense


APDL has standard fluorescent ceiling lights that cannot be adjusted. If additional lighting is required, contact us to discuss.


All works must be removed the following day after installation close, unless arranged otherwise. APDL space must be returned to its original condition, with cleaning and re-arranging of the space to be organised be the designer, if required.


State Library of Queensland agrees to take out and maintain for the duration of this Memorandum for:

• Professional indemnity insurance of no less than $10 million;

• Public liability insurance of no less than $10 million; and

• Workers’ Compensation Insurance in accordance with the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003.

Designer agrees to be liable for or take out and maintain for the duration of this Memorandum:

• Professional indemnity insurance of no less than $10 million;

• Public liability insurance of no less than $10 million; and

• Adequate worker’s compensation insurance.


Designer is the owner of copyright to items created as part of this project and agrees to licence the work created using a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial licence

This means that others, including State Library of Queensland may;

• Share—copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format

• Adapt—remix, transform, and build upon the material

Under the following terms:

• Attribution—Anyone who uses them must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. This may be done in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests X endorses the user or the use.

• Non-Commercial—Items must not be used for commercial purposes.

Any resources produced as part of the activities that form part of this project will be published on the APDL blog ( the Design Online website ( Content published on these websites, including information, text, images, sounds and audio-visual material, will be licensed using a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 3.0 Australia licence ( and will be protected by copyright and, where applicable, moral and cultural rights. Under this licence users of the site may distribute, remix and build upon the content contained on the site, but must ensure it is for non-commercial purposes and the designer is acknowledged as the original source. Users are not required to license their derivative works on the same terms


Please contact the APDL if you have any further questions about your rights and responsibilities for this installation:

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