Explore the future architecture at 2970° The Boiling Point, a three-day event on the Gold Coast.

The City of Gold Coast-backed event, 2970° The Boiling Point, will uncover a new way of looking at the world, bringing together future thinkers from the arts, science, technology, architecture, politics and sport.

Australian-trained architect Liam Young, one of the keynote speakers, joined by a fictional Kim Kardashian, will weave a story for the audience telling them of City Everywhere, an imaginary town with a basis in our present and potential future. “I plan to take the audience on a storytelling walking tour through the flickering screen and beyond the fog of the cloud, to explore the distant landscapes, factories and infrastructures that our contemporary digital gadgets set in motion,” Liam says. “With spoken word and a rapid fire assault of film, animation and live sound mixing we will go on a journey through City Everywhere, an imaginary town of near future technologies stitched together from fragments of real places, extreme mega cities and speculative design fictions.”

Now based in the UK, Liam grew up in Brisbane and he spent many summers on Gold Coast beaches. He contends the Gold Coast is the ideal place to have a conversation about architecture. “Every time I come back, I am amazed at the extraordinary densification that is occurring along the coastline,” Liam says. “In my lifetime, I have seen the fibro houses and low rise apartments gradually developed and turned into kitsch apartments, uber houses and high rises. The Gold Coast is a beachside town with the volume turned up to 11.”

Liam says employing the ‘age-old model of storytelling’ helped convey ideas and thinking that most people don’t address in their day to day lives. “The work I do attempts to engage audiences that normally wouldn’t be interested in the ideas I’m talking about. I work with forms from film, fiction and animation to open up our projects to the wider public. Fiction is an extraordinary shared language,” he says.

For Liam, presenting to inquisitive minds is an opportunity he relishes. “The future is not something that just washes over us like water; it is something we can all play a part in actively shaping and defining. It is exciting to present work to an engaged audience interested in instigating change,” he says.

2970° curator David Pledger, director of pioneering interdisciplinary arts company, not yet it’s difficult (NYID), says the inclusion of a speculative architect perfectly demonstrated how different disciplines can intersect in new and innovative ways. “I had a pretty clear idea of how I wanted to frame the whole thing. I wanted people who were specifically engaged in looking at art in relation to one of these other disciplines,” David says. “The idea of the event is to speak to what’s going on in social, cultural and artistic spaces at the moment, which is right at the front of practice and thinking, and that is the interlacing of the arts in other disciplines – such as science, politics, architecture, technology and sport.”

He explained the genesis of the name. “It’s the boiling point for gold, extreme heat catalyses the metal causing it to melt. Art can have this transformational effect when applied to society and we’ll explore this concept through the provocations of the keynote speakers and responses from local artists and cultural operators. With the audience, they will interrogate the space of invention, imagination and ideas between the arts and non-arts sectors.’’

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