To mark the opening of the Asia Pacific Architecture Forum (APAF), we are excited that Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation’s (SCAF) Fugitive Structures 2016 pavilion, designed by Vo Trong Nghia, will be installed at the entrance to State Library of Queensland (SLQ) in March 2016.

Fugitive Structures 2016 is SCAF’s fourth iteration of the annual architectural pavilion series. It aligns well with APAF’s aims to celebrate the diversity of the countries, cities and people of the Asia Pacific and to reflect on the way new world cities are responding to the opportunities and challenges of the Asian century through architecture.

Cutting-edge architects Vo Trong Nghia Architects (VTNA) have designed the pavilion, which will be constructed from simple bamboo ladders bound together to form a multi-tiered structure.

The innovative bamboo structure will be installed and tailored to the specific needs of two cities and two sites — from 1 March until 15 May 2016 it will be on display at SLQ in Brisbane, and from 8 July until 10 December 2016 it will move to SCAF’s outdoor courtyard in Sydney.

Vo Trong Nghia is world-renowned for his work with bamboo and sustainable designs. Vo’s mission: to transform Vietnam’s attitude towards architecture. His concern: the lack of green spaces in urban environments, and the development of low-cost housing solutions for the country’s poorest communities.

Vo has developed a sustainable architectural design practice by integrating inexpensive, local materials and traditional skills with contemporary aesthetics and modern methodologies. SCAF brings his work to Australia for the first time. The choice of Bamboo — the world’s fastest growing plant which is sustainable, lightweight and low maintenance — is a material perfectly aligned with VTNA’s environmental concerns.

The Fugitive Structures 2016 programme builds on the success of the inaugural pavilion, the hugely popular Crescent House (2013) by award-winning architect Andrew Burns, and the futuristic technological feat Trifolium (2014) by progressive Sydney-based firm AR-MA. Sway (2015) by Israeli collective SRMZ epitomised the temporary, reconnecting the series with its ‘fugitive’ roots.

SCAF is a not-for-profit organisation providing a platform for innovative visual and architectural practitioners primarily from Asia, Australia and the Pacific Rim. This partnership with SLQ’s Asia Pacific Design Library builds on the support APAF founding partner Architecture Media is providing, to present Brisbane as the hub for an Asia Pacific Architecture Forum, to coincide with the Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art hosted nearby at the Gallery of Modern Art and Queensland Art Gallery. The 2016 pavilion by Vo Trong Nghia Architects marks the first Asian firm to design a pavilion for the SCAF series.

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