How do we protect, provide relief and rebuild our urban areas when natural disasters strike?

Preparing for a Disaster is a unit of work developed and implemented by Chantelle Sansness, the  2017 Queensland-Cooper Hewitt Fellow and primary teacher at Oakleigh State School. It is a unique and creative way of interacting with curriculum content, making it engaging and relevant to students. This project supported the students using the framework of design thinking to create a digital solution.

Students inquired into natural disasters through the use of digital resources, guest speakers and an excursion to Southbank to investigate the impact of floods in Brisbane. Concurrently, students were immersed in a variety of digital solution and coding platforms such as Scratch, Hopscotch and Robotics.

The students surveyed people in the local community, developing and using empathy skills to ensure their design solutions meet real needs.

The class members formed design teams and entered a process of ideation through a series of planned activities.

This led to an implementation phase that included the prototyping of a digital solution that was presented in a brief pitch to the school community.

“The use of a design thinking process has enabled us to make connections between a variety of curriculum areas. These areas primarily include HASS (History and Social Science) and the new Digital Technologies curriculum. There are also elements of Mathematics being accessed through data collection and analysis,”  said Chantelle.

Chantelle provided an overview of the program including tools and activities for teachers to use as is or to adapt the program for their classroom requirements.

Download the Preparing for Disaster documentation here.

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