‘Repairing the Future of Queensland: Designing the Now’ continues the critique of current approaches to planning Queensland’s future and will focus on the design of projects using design-thinking techniques to advance thinking and action around the sunshine state’s future.

Designing the Now is the second event in the Repairing the Future of Queensland series[1] and will be held at Reverse Garbage Queensland, Woolloongabba on Saturday 10 October 2015. Run by Redirective Practice,[2] Designing the Now continues with participatory design processes started in Event 1.[3] Participants in Designing the Now will gain valuable design thinking methodological insights from Redirective Practice regarding how we might analyse and synthesise the challenges that Queensland is facing. Event 1 saw local community members working together to develop six design fictions about the future of Queensland, guided by the process of Cognitive Redirective Mapping[4], which provides a framework to understand the complexity of futures and how these futures have been brought into existence through actions taken in the past.[5] We like to think of Event 1 as the first dense set of knots woven together en-route to a meshwork that links us with more desired futures. In Event 2 the design fictions that were created by participants from the Queensland community, including a number of invited specialists, will be used to design back from [6] providing discussion points and preferred futures to work towards. Redirective Practice have identified six key focus areas from these fictions for Designing the Now, they are:

  • Aged Care
  • Agricultural practices
  • Community Identity
  • Food Production
  • Education
  • Rising sea levels

These topics, alongside the fictions, will be used to focus the design activity in each group. Participants will select a topic of focus and work in groups, on ‘repair benches’, to identify, using images of the now, what is wrong with ‘the picture’ of their topic at present and what structures exist surrounding their topic that need to change? By weaving together this picture a clearer understanding of the complex meshwork that needs to change will develop.

Using this understanding, a stronger understanding of the meshwork of what needs to change, participants will work with Redirective Practice to design projects that can be implemented now and that will lead to these imagined futures, projects that we will work on implementing in Event 3.

This design activity will be directed through the creation of ‘one-pagers’, single pages that sum up the project:  to who it’s directed; what it hopes to address, change or create; what action it might entail; who would like to be involved. We are calling these one-pagers our ‘repair guides’, how to weave together designing action now, acknowledging it belongs to the larger meshwork! We expect these projects will be varied but may take the form of events, objects, campaigns, actions and toolkits.

The third and final event in the series will focus on implementation, we will assess the tools and resources needed to get these projects started, projects that can begin to redirect the future of Queensland. Participants will have the opportunity to take projects and develop them further themselves or with support from Redirective Practice.

If you would like to find out more, we welcome you to let us know you are attending via Eventbrite.

The final event will be held early next year. This event will build on both the community gathered and the knowledge explored during this first event.

Will you join us in this exciting project?

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