White gloves experience: art, architecture and the Asia Pacific

Don the white gloves and explore the intersection of art, architecture and the Asia Pacific in State Library of Queensland’s

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King St Car Park + public art

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) graduate Tom Emmett won the King St Car Park Competition last year and here he

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Brisbane music posters

The fusty smell is intoxicating; the visuals are enticing. Aging paper emblazoned with new wave screen printed designs and hand-stencilled

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Leta Sobierajski + Wade Jeffree: Intertwined

New York-based designers Leta Sobierajski and Wade Jeffree are loved-up and a match made in high-impact visual heaven. Not only

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Book Review: Martin Sharp

Most graphic designers with an interest in popular culture of the late 60s would be familiar with Martin Sharp’s poster

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The Landscapes of Isamu Noguchi: The Garden as Sculpture

The art and landscape architecture of sculptor Isamu Noguchi transported a sold-out audience to a time and place that this

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Sketching buildings with Robert Brownhall

It is no surprise Brisbane artist Robert Brownhall wanted to be an architect. His oil paintings and pencil sketches are

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Wallpaper Designs + In Pursuit of Venus (Infected): Part 2

When New Zealand artist Lisa Reihana was introduced to the Dufour wallpaper panorama Les Sauvages de la mer Pacifique at

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Moon Hoon: The Architecture of Delight

Aesthetic delight in architecture is inherently subjective and Moon Hoon’s oeuvre is polarising. There is something inherently beguiling in the