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Brisbane Innovate 2018 – Designing Solutions

  Brisbane Innovate is Brisbane City Council’s annual open innovation event, bringing together private industry, academia, local start-ups and the

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Book review: Lost in space architecture and dementia

According to Editors, Eckhard Feddersen and Insa Ludtke, the aim of Lost in space is to take the topic of

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Review: 2018 UQ Architecture lecture with Amalie Wright

The UQ Architecture lecture series under the theme of In-terre-vention hosted Amalie Wright — registered architect and landscape architect; the

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The tide is high for Kelley Roy

Founder of Art Design Portland (ADX), Kelley Roy’s first ever album was a vinyl single of Debbie Harry’s hit song

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Inkahoots + interactivity: press the buttons

Design is not just about the aesthetics of well-designed manufactured things, rather it can be a process that aids people

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Think Outside: Repair

The first Think Outside event for 2015 saw a fascinating presentation of design thinking in action with the topic of Repair

‘Suits’ and ‘Creatives’: A Convenient Myth

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‘Suits’ and ‘Creatives’: A Convenient Myth

‘You can’t join that creative meeting. You’re a suit,’ a designer once told an account manager at an advertising agency.

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What’s Mine is Yours

While collaborative consumerism has many social and sustainable benefits, its potential to redesign the role of consumers and the economy

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Hashtag Instagram

Instagram is probably the most popular smartphone application on the market today. Free and easy to use, it transforms photos