In a world where our thoughts and opinions seem to be molded by and structured on mainstream media, it may seem hard to believe that the news could swing any other way or that change is even possible.

More often than not, you can find these empowered people sharing a Do It Yourself attitude within your local punk and hardcore community. There once was a time when Indie music was, by definition, independent. Today, this type of music has evolved into a specific sound and even dress code of twangy guitars and trendy, fashion forward kids. The punk and hardcore community, intertwined with those who share DIY ethics, is the only true independent scene. We book our own shows, there are less labels supporting our music so we pay for and release our own records and we do away with pr and marketing middlemen and promote our own art. Punk and hardcore is not just a genre of music, like Indie has become, it is a way of living and a way of thinking. In holding these viewpoints, there is no wonder independent media still lives on within these DIY communities.

Zines are at the heart of independent media. Cut, paste, draw, write, photocopy, staple; there are no rules for making a zine, the design is only limited by individual creativity. They are for people who want to take media into their own hands, allowing their voice to be heard. Zines are often retaliation to political news and through their distribution help to embrace like-minded people. They provide a platform for contributors, the minority and unheard voice, to share their own opinion. The creator of each zine quite often juggles the role of editor, writer, designer, photographer and publisher.

Within the music community, local zines support independent punk and hardcore bands that go under the radar by mainstream magazines. It is not important for the people who follow independent media to remain the minority as more self directed writing published in our society will hopefully lead to greater numbers living a more ethically managed lifestyle. It is important though to continually challenge mainstream media, create interesting art and be aware of your surrounding environment and your place within it.


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