By presenting as a team, Quench designers are able to forge ahead to secure international relationships.

Casting a discerning eye over their own work, they act as curators, exhibiting the best work of individual designers in one powerful exhibition.

I was lucky enough to head to New York recently to attend NYCxDesign. The already buzzing city had a huge showcase of events on offer and it was exciting to see so many amazing designers, across a platform of design genres showcasing their wares.

One highlight was attending WantedDesign, a premier creative destination for international design community during NYCxDesign. The event offered a 360-degree experience with innovative installations, memorable products, a pop-up store, interactive experiences, thought-provoking student workshops, engaging discourse and more. It was also great to see Australian design strongly represented on the world stage, with the collective Quench taking part in the event.

Quench brings together six diverse designers, based in Queensland, Australia. Collectively, they aim to share their unique design perceptive and build new international relationships. This isn’t the first overseas tradeshow these lads have presented at, they have also been to Tokyo Design Week, London Design Week, Singapore Design Week and Dwell LA. So the model has been tested, and it works!

They showed a mixture of established and new designs. The idea of presenting as a collective really gives them strength when networking with other designers, media and creative communities. By presenting their work in the same space enabled them to strengthen their own brands, as well as promoting Queensland and Australian design to a global audience. All of this was delivered with the quintessentially Australian idea of mateship and support.

David Shaw showed the Flightdeck seating concept and Delta drinking fountain, as well as the Lilly concept light.

Alex Lotersztain displayed the illuminated Twig with backrest which has been now been selected for a new rooftop project in New York as a result of this exhibition.

Bjorn Rust, exhibited his glass speakers and served coffee with his pour-over coffee machine, and also presented his food magazine, Scrag End.

Jason Bird presented his new Pillow stools, a roto-moulded seat with wooden legs, and also his South chair, which is short listed in the top five from 679 submissions for the Battery Park refurbishment in NYC.

Surya Graf, the co-designer of the Flightdeck, also showed the hangman clothes hanging rack.

Finally, Marc Harrison showcased his Husque water jug and new Husque tray alongside his award winning Husque range in new spring colours. He is now negotiating with various showrooms in the U.S. to show his products.

In joining forces, the Quench collective demonstrate the power of working collaboratively. As a group, they are able to present a clear and refined message. The work of the individual is made stronger through its relationship with the works of other like-minded designers.

Have you ever considered partnering with another designer to assist your brand?

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