Asia Pacific Design Library at State Library Queensland were invited to view some of the outstanding private homes on this year’s Sunshine Coast Open House schedule. 

Lake Webya House

Lake Weyba House was built in 1996 by Gabriel and Elizabeth Poole
Most of Gabriel’s career was spent on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland where he is well known for his enlightened house designs and innovative use of materials.
Along with other distinguished accolades he has received the Robin Boyd Award and the 1998 RAIA Gold Medal for his lifetime contribution to Australian Architecture.
Gabriel Poole designed this residence for himself and his wife Elizabeth.  It consists of a series of three pavilions, one for living, one a wash house and the third for sleeping.

With considered sustainable design and high functionality, this home speaks of a specific architectural style, of light, and of openness to the unique surrounding landscape.

The home is now owned by Kim and Mark and they’ve lived there 11 years.  Kim not only loves the home but living in among the wallum woodland

“The guy’s always ready to step out of his comfort zone; to get out and have a go … and that gives us inspiration when we feel a bit down. At an age when other people are in retirement, he’s really cracking and doing the best work of his life.”  John Mainwaring
John Mainwaring was in partnership with Gabriel Poole from 1978-85. He is now a director of Hollindale Mainwaring Architecture, Noosa

Ridge House

As a connection to Lake Weyba House, Ridge House was designed by Dan Sparks of Sparks Architects.   Dan spent six years working with Gabriel Poole before starting his own practice Sparks Architects
Ridge House was built in 2015 and won a AIA Regional Commendation
The owners Randy and Brenda went to Dan with a brief requiring the home reference both of their heritage – Randy is from Colorado and the Brenda grew up on a sheep station in the Darling Downs
Sparks Architects has respected their backgrounds in the materials used in home.  Rock walls evocative of the Colorado mountain huts were found to be too expensive and so instead, rammed earth became the material of choice.
“There’s a memory of the farm shed in the long open spaces crowned by soaring beams and shaded by deep overhangs”   Margie Fraser, ArchitecutreAu
During the tour Dan mentioned that positioning of the two pavilion house was tricky in that the big view to the Lake Baroon is directly west but capturing the view, despite the harshness of the western aspect, was a given. Dan Sparks uses the house to screen and capture the view.

Beach Box Buddina

This humble yet controversial beach house was built in 2014 by John Robertson of OGE Group Architects and won the  AIA Gabriel Poole Award for Building of the year
The modular construction which uses three shipping containers as the primary building blocks started as a concept for an office.  Due to it’s unique materials and usage, the planning phase attracted strong opposition from the local community.
The now home had a $120K total building cost (with containers costing $4-$5K each).  So successful is the modular concept, it is now a test model for affordable housing in indigenous communities and living quarters for nurses and teachers in remote locations
“The Beach Box is a unique architectural project which has successfully utilised a very raw building module to create a building of surprising substance and refinement, and one which opens up absolutely to celebrate its oceanfront location”
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