Toolkit: Design-led innovation in libraries

A toolkit exploring the use of design thinking to drive the development and implementation of innovative ideas in a library context.

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Asia Pacific Design Library

expected duration

The activities in this toolkit are structured to be undertaken in 3 x 30-60 minute sessions. However, users may prefer to consolidate the activities into one single session over a shorter period of time. Users are also encouraged to explore additional background research to enhance the inquiry and ideation exercises.


1. Defining the Problem

2. Idea Generation

3. Rapid Prototyping

4. Planning and Trialling your idea

5. Assessing your idea


• Cardboard and paper

• markers, pencils and pens

• staplers, glue, sticky tape and pins

• Recycled materials such as toilet paper rolls, straws, string, paddle pop sticks

• Coloured Post-it notes

• Scissors and cutting implements

digital resources

Challenge card and user profile cards

‘Creative Spark’ prompt sheet

Plausibility scale

Building ideas template


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