Toolkit: How might we… Build a Culture of Repair

A toolkit designed to develop a project proposal for an area where people can come to repair/recycle things as a community instead of throwing things out. By hacking, making, repairing and recycling discarded, broken and superseded things, students gain a deeper understanding of the processes that go into manufacturing and industrial design and are encouraged to reflect on the sustainability of current manufacturing process.

The exercises in this toolkit were developed as part of Designer in Residence—My School Space project at Pimpama State Secondary College. The school is based in a Gold Coast area undergoing intense development with new communities forming and large infrastructure, including a new shopping centre, recently constructed. This project was supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland, part of the Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts.


Adam Jefford (HoD Creative Industries, Pimpama State Secondary College)
Tristan Schultz (Convener of Visual Communication Design, QCA)

expected duration

7 x 35 min sessions (The activities in this toolkit were originally delivered over a Two-Day intensive program. The activities here have been broken down into usable ‘chunks’, which could be delivered as separate exercises over a period of time. Teachers are also encouraged to explore further interpretation (background research) to enhance the ideation exercises).


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