Toolkit: Two Day City

A toolkit designed to introduce the principles of city building and a process with which to identify issues that may affect future cities. A design-led methodology is used to assist in the development of collaborative decision making and problem solving skills in student designers.

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Les Hooper
2008-09 Queensland-Cooper Hewitt Fellow

expected duration

This workshop is structured to be undertaken as a design immersion project in an allocated two day session however teachers may prefer to break up the workshop into separate exercises over a period of time. Teachers are also encouraged to explore further interpretation (background research) to enhance the inquiry and ideation exercises.


1. Masterplan
2. Mapping and Prototyping
3. Studio groups
4. City Building
5. Team Councils and Commissions
6. Wildcards


• 10 x 10m cardboard sheet to use as city foundation
• Model to be broken into transportable sections with an easily identifiable marking system
• Various presentation materials (such as coloured card, tape, map pins, stickers and markers) to develop a blueprint
• Various construction materials (cardboard, foam-core, collage material, recycled plastics and other malleable media, off-cuts, skewers and adhesives)
for prototyping buildings and representing built environments
• Stacks of large sheets (A2 cartridge and butchers paper) for brainstorming and sketching
• Clips and large folios for storing evidence of processes

digital resources

G20 Student Guide, City Map, City Map Labels, Wildcards, Reward cards & Workshop Outline
K8 Workshop Guide


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