Hear from William Smart, founder and Creative Director of Smart Design Studio (Sydney) at the final session of the 2017 UQ Architecture lecture series.

As Creative Director at Smart Design Studio, William Smart is directly involved in every project, contributing at all stages from design to final delivery. William is continuously exploring ideas in his work relating to flexibility, contemporary living and the merging of art and architecture. His, and the studio’s, approach to design is holistic, combining both architectural and interior design. William’s enthusiasm and passionate attention to detail is fundamental to the Studio’s success, motivating a highly dedicated team of architects and interior designers to realise projects of high quality and innovation, producing work that is both detailed and resolved.

Established in 1997 and with a staff of 40, Smart Design Studio is a multidisciplinary practice whose buildings have received critical acclaim and many prestigious awards including, in 2016, the AIA Wilkinson Award for Residential Architecture, the AIA Robin Boyd Award for Residential Architecture, the World Architecture Festival INSIDE Award for World’s Best Residential Interior and the IDEA Interior Design and Houses Awards. Their work has been widely published in architectural and other publications.

One project to be discussed is the award winning Indigo Slam which has been described as “a piece of sculpture to be lived in”. Designed by Smart Design Studio in 2016, it is the Sydney home of art collector and philanthropist Judith Neilson. The building was created in response to the opportunity to add a large residence of substantial quality and architectural merit to the diverse neighbourhood of Chippendale.

Built to last 100 years, the materials used in Indigo Slam were selected to wear and endure. Fittings have operable mechanical elements rather than digital; these include oversized vertical timber blinds that operate with hanging chains and awning windows which use geared winders.

The project also aspires to an exemplary level of environmentally sustainable design with geothermal heating and cooling options incorporated into the design, as well as solar hot water and photovoltaic cells populating the roof.


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Photo 1: William Smart
Photo2: exterior of Indigo Slam
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