Design Concept can be simple but needs to be strong and visionary. It is not difficult to come out with different ideas and concepts for an architecture project.

The challenge is create to a strong and visionary design concept that evolves from the early phase of the project to the completion of project. The presenter, Penny Fuller, demonstrated how this can be achieved in different projects ranging from a small scale Red Bull Pavilion, medium scale development Dapto Anglican Church to Large scale urban housing.

Dapto Anglican Church designed by Silvester Fuller was a project that driven from a robust idea of creating a gathering space not only for the Christian community but also the surrounding community. The external façade of the auditorium building breaks away from the conventional image of church to welcome the whole community in the neighborhood. Research and studies were carried out to investigate the pedestrian movement and vehicular circulation around the site to draw people into this building. In addition, the robust idea of gathering space has been emphasized through interior space including the design of ceiling form which draws people to the auditorium from the foyer space.

In order to incorporate the robust idea to architecture project, extensive research needs to be carried out. This was demonstrated in the Green Square Tower in Sydney. The concept is to recognize different user types in the residential tower and provides them with an identity through the building design. Silvester Fuller carried out extensive studies on the type of users and their needs. Based on the research findings, the internal façade and external façade were designed with different size of window openings and balconies in accordance with the needs for different user groups including privacy, views, and natural daylight. The needs of different user groups have also been recognized in the unit planning including spatial requirement for bedroom, kitchen and etc. The residential tower design breaks away from a conventional repetitive floor plate but reveals the identities of communities and user group.

The design philosophy of creating a robust conceptual idea makes every individual architectural project unique. I don’t believe there is a need of architectural style in current practice. However, a strong conceptual idea is vital and can be developed by recognizing the issues of social, environmental and economy sustainability.

How does the philosophy of robust architecture idea to be incorporated in affordable housing?

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